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Firefly is the only chestnut on our team and she is a varsity/team favorite. She is a very loving and gentle horse on the ground but while playing she is full of spunk and energy. She loves to play polo and loves a fast paced game.


Tammy is one of our smaller light bay horses with a lot of fight in her. She has the attitude that you would expect from a pony but she is also very reliable when it comes to lessons and the beginners. Everyone loves their Tammy time.


RC is a dark bay horse standing around 16.1h. She is a horse with her own mind and has a lot of spunk. She is always full of energy and ready to play polo. She enjoys the fast paced chukkers and isn’t afraid to her opponent a run for their money.


Bandito is one of our very athletic lighter bay horses. He is very agile and responsive to his rider and what they ask of him. He is a people pleaser and loves doing his best. He is one of the youngest horses in our herd but one of the most level headed.


Lydia is new to our team as of this year! We are very excited to have her around and believe that she will be a great asset to our herd. She was generously donated to us by the Gallegos family.


Deuce is new to our team as of the spring semester. He is currently on stall rest and rehabbing from an injury. We are excited to see what he brings to the team once he is back in action!


Rec is a varsity favorite. She can be a handful if ridden with a lot of hand contact! If she is ridden the way she likes, she is unstoppable. 


Dora is about 15.1h and she is full of energy. She is always ready to go whether it be a beginner chukker or a varsity chukker.


Rasta is the team's giant teddy bear. He is our only paint and one of our larger horses on the team. He can play both varsity and beginner chukkers with no problem. He is a sturdy horse who loves people and his job.

Miss P

Miss P has played through many chukkers. She is exceptional in every level of polo from beginners to men's varsity. She is known for her light brown color and small but mighty confirmation. 


Rosie stands around 16.3h and she is a dark bay. She loves peppermints and anyone who will give her attention. She is a fun horse to play in medium to fast paced chukkers.


Tucker is a people horse and always loves attention and scratches. He is one of our most reliable horses and is perfect for teaching beginners the ropes of polo. He would much rather spend his time with people than other horses.


Wanda is a new addition to our team as of Fall semester 2018! We are very excited to have her as a part of our team. She is very quick on her feet and always ready to play.


Coneja is leased to CSU from Denver Polo's Trace Salzano. Coneja is known for her four white socks and small confirmation. She was raised by an Argentine Pro and came to the United States four years ago.


Cordial is another varsity favorite. She is known for her small snip on her muzzle where she loves to be pet. If you needed a pony to cuddle, Cordial is your girl!

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