Bandido is a very level-headed gelding who is always willing to give his best when ridden. He loves peppermints and is a very cuddly boy who enjoys the company of his human club members.

With a flash and a bang here comes Bolt!


Bolt is our newest member of the herd and we cannot wait to get to know him this spring semester. He is a very handsome gray with sweet, brown eyes who is loving his time out in the pasture with his new herd. 



Coneja is leased to CSU from Denver Polo's Trace Salzano. Coneja is known for her four white socks and adorable rabbit ears. She was raised by an Argentine Professional and now lives with us in Fort Collins.

Now it’s time to meet our new mares! Thi


Corcha is one of our mightiest little mares. She's a very level-headed girl who enjoys her alone time but has warmed up to many of our club members. Her tiny stature has put her in the running for our cutest mare. 



Cordial is another varsity favorite. She loves spending time getting some nice scratches from club members, and has bonded very closely with our club members. With her striking star Cordial is truly a stand-out within the herd.



Deuce is one of our two chestnuts on the team, and is known for his gorgeous blaze. He is a handsome boy who enjoys hanging out with his fellow geldings and seeing what kind of mischief he can get into. 



Dora is one of our smallest mares but she makes up for her size in speed. She has a lot of energy and plays at all levels on the team. Dora can be found most days enjoying her time with her long-term boyfriend, Rasta.



Firefly is the second of our two striking chestnuts. She is a very sweet mare on the ground and loves hanging out with club members. When ridden, Fly has a lot of energy and loves to play polo which has made her favorite among varsity members.

A new season means new faces and we are


Innocente is our stunning new paint gelding. He was very shy when he first arrived at CSU Polo but he has really come out of shell since settling in. This upcoming semester he is looking to play some varsity chukkers and show off his skills.

Is that RC_ No, maybe Rosie_ Nope it’s o


Julieta is one of our newest members of the herd. With her big doe eyes and sweet temperament she has captivated many club members. She is enjoying her time within the herd and has been making new friends everyday.

This handsome guy is Kobe! He is quickly


Kobe is one of our youngest horses and thus has become a club favorite. He is very curious and doesn't seem to quite know boundaries yet but he's learning more everyday. Club members love to snuggle up with this guy because of how sweet his personality is.



Mariana is another one of our striking new grays. She is very social and enjoys spending time alongside her horse and human companions. With her docile demeanor she is shaping up to be a great addition to the team. 

Miss P.png

Miss P

Miss P is one of our most versatile mares who excels at all levels of the club from beginners to varsity. She is a tough little mare who's always ready to to play some chukkers. And what she lacks in stature she makes up for in personality.  



Rasta is the team's giant teddy bear. He is one of our two paint horses on the team and is also one of our taller horses. He has been in a long standing relationship with our little mare, Dora, and the two love nothing more than teaching beginners the ropes of polo.

Meet RC! Donated to us from The Universi


RC is one of our most athletic horses and absolutely loves to play polo. She is a quirky mare who is a favorite among many varsity members. If you're looking for a mare who gives you 100% then RC is your lady.



Recoletta is another one of our more social mares. She has a very relaxed demeanor and is always curious as to what you're doing and sometimes may snag what it is your'e holding. Rec is a very patient mare who enjoys the company of her herd and club members.



Reyna is our resident bumping expert. She is a much loved mare among the club for her effort during chukkers. Reyna plays at all levels but especially enjoys her time with beginner members as she is a fantastic teacher.



Rosie is one of our taller horses and is a favorite among all levels of the team. If you've got a peppermint well then Rosie is you're best friend. She is a very extroverted horse who loves any and all attention.



Tucker is a people horse and always loves attention and scratches. He is one of our most reliable horses and is perfect for teaching beginners the ropes of polo. Most of the time he prefers spending time with his human companions on the club.



Wanda is our beautiful black mare who is known for her soft demeanor. She is a very gentle mare which has lead her to become a favorite among the club. When she arrived at CSU Polo she was still very shy, but now she has blossomed into the sweet horse we know her as.