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Coneja, affectionately known around the barn as Connie, is a beloved member of our club, JV, and varsity teams. Connie loves to play polo, and is always excited to get back to work after summer break. She is our only horse with a blaze and four socks, making her a distinct member of our herd! 



Deuce is a sweet chesnut gelding who is known for his droopy lip. Deuce helps teach our beginner members how to play polo, but also enjoys playing a fast paced chukker with our JV and Varsity teams. This gelding is a special member of our herd, and we are so lucky to have him!

Meet RC! Donated to us from The University of Wyoming, she’s another long time club favori


RC is a speedy pony, who loves to play polo. This mare excels in fast chukkers, and is known for her speed and quick maneuvers. She enjoys running after the ball, and is also ready for a good break away!



Spaghetti, aka Spag or Sketti, is our newest addition to the club, and was a former grass polo champion. Sketti is already a favorite of many of our players and is known for her calm demeanor and excellent ground manners. We are so thankful for the kind donation from our alumni, and are very excited to have Sketti in our herd!



Kobe is a sweet gelding who is always making us laugh. He is very smart and always wants to be involved in club activities. Kobe is known for his goofy personality, and being a reliable mount for all of our teams. He is a tank in the arena, and is always ready for a strong ride off.



Quilate, or Q, is owned by JV coach Julien Guillaumin. Q is ridden by our varsity team, and plays in fast paced chukkers. Q is known for his playful personality, and we are so grateful that Julien has shared him with us!



Carlos is one of our four beloved chesnuts in our herd. Ridden by our Varsity team, Carlos excels in the arena. He is known for his smooth gaits and is a lovely mover. On his days off, Carlos loves to go out on pasture rides!



Ophelia, or Opie as the club likes to call her, is our only grey in the herd. Opie is adored by all levels, and is always looking flashy in her pink saddle pad. A fun fact about Opie is that she is our only pony who plays bitless!

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 9.40.19 AM.png


Zimba is a sweet pony who is always ready to go! She has very smooth gaits, and is always a fun ride. Zimba is a beloved member of our herd, and you can always find her taking a nap in the sun!



Libby loves polo! She is our hottest horse on the team and is ridden by our Varsity team. She is an absolute powerhouse during chukkers. She has an excellent bump, and on her days off enjoys rides in the field!



Perno is a beautiful chesnut gelding who is known for his cute face and sweet personality. He is a member of our Varsity team, and always gives it his all. He is a beast when playing, and is always excited to ump if he is not playing.



Rasta is a beloved gelding in our herd. He is our only paint, and is as sweet as they come. He is the best teacher for beginners, but still loves to play a faster paced chukker and a good ride off. Here at CSU, his nickname is Rasta Pasta.



Wanda is a beautiful and sweet mare who is known for agility in the arena. She is played by all of our levels, and is very smart during plays. She is known for being very handy with her quick stops and lovely rollbacks. Wanda enjoys pole bending and pasture rides when she is not playing polo.



Rosie is a very curious and sweet mare. She is great for all of our levels, but loves a high speed chukker! A fun fact about Rosie is that she has been a star student for Equine Behavior labs outside our her normal polo routine.



Zoey is a beautiful Quarter Horse mare owned by Hannah Stock. Zoey is a lovely mover, and a fun fact about her is that she likes to stretch into the downward dog position before heading to play. We are so thankful to have Zoey in our herd!



Reccoleta, aka Rec, is a sweet mare who is adored by all levels of our team. She is a great teacher for our beginners, and is a very safe and reliable pony. A fun fact about Rec is that she has been a part of CSU Polo for more than 10 years!



Vitamina aka Vita, has the sweetest personality and loves to hang out with her best friend Zoey. She is a beast in the arena and is very quick on her feet. Vita is a favorite of many of our JV and Varsity players, and was named "Best Playing Pony" in Colorado Springs Winter Polo Classic hosted by the Broadmoore this past year!

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