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The Colorado State University Polo Club is a student run sports club that has been in operation since 1931. The polo team was the first CSU club sports team to win back-to-back National Championships in 1990 and 1991, followed with a third title in 1999. Most recently, the Men's Varsity team took home their fourth National Championship in April of 2015.

One unique aspect of our club is that every year we welcome a group of 15-20 beginners who have no previous polo experience. We love introducing and teaching new members the great sport of polo! 

Our team consists of varsity, JV, club members, beginners, and social members. Both men and women's varsity represent CSU across the country and in regional and national tournament. The JV team also travels nationwide to compete against other collegiate teams. Club members play weekly during practices to gain the skills and confidence to move up to a more competitive level. Our social members are the backbone to our team. They have the opportunity to learn to ride, stick and ball, and be apart of our team events!

If you are interested in joining the team...

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